How To Hire A Social Media Content Expert

Hiring a social media content specialist can be overwhelming. With the oversaturated marketplace, how can you know you’re dealing with a real pro?

“What kind of work experience should they have?”

“Where should I be looking?”

If these questions sound familiar, this blog is for you!

Since the digital marketing space is evolving on a daily basis, it is uber-important to know your stuff before you start the hiring hunt.

Let’s talk about some ways you can improve your hiring success!

Understand the difference between digital and social content

First off, social media content is a bit different than traditional, digital marketing content. In the past, approaching digital marketing content was somewhat concrete/templated in how it should look, and what it should say.

Calls to action and “SALE” buttons were the norm in years past. But, today, in order for content to succeed socially, it needs to be less salesy and more human.

When you’re looking for a social media content expert, look for someone who’s a storyteller over someone who manages sales campaigns.

Storytellers are a better fit for producing social media content because it is an ongoing effort. Sales-only individuals usually only have the chops to push one particular campaign, rather than maintain an overall brand voice and presence.

If they have experience in both realms, definitely consider them to be a power-packed hire!

Look for the results in the right places

Numbers are great, don’t get us wrong. Nothing can replace the evidence that comes with hard data.

However, with social media, it is important to consider the human impact in addition to the hard data.

You’ll want to ask the potential hire for a handful of social media accounts that they currently produce content for. Visit the accounts and don’t just look at the content. Look at how users/followers engage with it.

A great piece of content with no engagement means the marketer is missing the connection with their target audience somewhere.

Look for potential hires whose content not only stays on-brand, but also resonates with the customers who follow the brand. A social media pro who knows how to connect with users across different brands offers a unique skill that not every content specialist can bring to the table.

Ask questions until you understand the answers

If you aren’t sure about an answer from the potential hire, ask more questions to get a clearer picture of how they can benefit your business.

Broad answers could be a red flag that the “expert” doesn’t necessarily know as much as he/she professes to.

To follow up on that, if the person you’re interested in answers “I’m not 100% on that one,” don’t rule them out. Social media changes every day. It is nearly impossible for someone to know it all day in and day out.

A good candidate will be honest, but also offer you a response that shows they know how to find a solution to the problem or question.

Social media marketing is not a one-size-fits-all industry. You need clear answers that are applicable to your brand specifically. If you try to dig deeper with questions and the answers remain generic, it’s safe to rule out that individual as a possible fit for your team.

3 Social Video Metrics You Should Be Paying Attention To

These 3 social video metrics will help carve out answers to a majorly important pillar of your overall social media strategy: What is the best, most preferable form of video content for [Brand]’s audience?

Sound on/Sound off?

Most people might think of a video as an audio and a visual experience, but when it comes to video for social media, the experience can vary depending on the platform. For instance, Snapchat users have a higher rate of keeping the sound on while watching, in contrast to Facebook users who almost always watch videos without the sound on. Take note, and cater your content accordingly.


This is such a huge metric, especially for small businesses who predominantly use organic content. Always be sure to watch engagement on your social video posts. The more people you have liking, commenting, and sharing a video, the more important it is to pay attention to what that specific piece of content is, and what it offers to users. Not only can you learn about your audience’s preference in video style through this metric, you can also consider your highest engaging video posts as top candidates for a paid push.

Avg. Time Watched

Take this metric into consideration on a monthly basis, or after you’ve got a nice little chunk of video content to analyze data on. This number will tell you how long (on average) your followers are watching your videos for, which can be really helpful in defining your social video strategy. Let’s say your videos typically run for 1:15 to 1:30. If you find out that the average watch time on your social videos is 0:45, then it’s time to redefine your social video style, and cut them to 0:30-0:45.