For your convenience, the most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: Why do I need social media?

A: We are living, shopping, and buying in a digital world; and consumers expect brands to have and maintain a social media presence. Without social media, businesses miss out on the opportunity to become part of meaningful conversations and powerful relationships with both current and prospective customers. 

Q: How much is it going to cost me?

A: There are an infinite number of combinations of services that brands can utilize. Since every budget, goal, and strategy differs in its own way, there are no prices set in stone. What we can tell you is that H2H Social bills at an hourly rate, and packages range from $299 [per month] to $1,999 [per month].

Q: How do I know it’s working?

A: Most H2H Social monthly packages include reporting to measure results. KPI’s are based on each brand’s social media goal(s) and strategy.

Q: What makes H2H Social different from other Internet marketing options?

A: Our founder [and digital native] created H2H Social because after she spent time in every space of the social media marketing sphere, from big-agency experience to client-side optimization; the need for a social-centric option was apparent at every turn. She explains it best:

“Let’s pretend that Internet marketing tactics are stories.

Traditional Internet marketing agencies write a really long story, a novel even, and place it in a filing cabinet. When necessary, they revise certain parts, but it ends up going back in the filing cabinet, with the rest of the stories (clients).

Seasoned social marketers, like H2H Social, know the value of realtime communication. We write stories on a daily basis, telling brand stories as they unfold, authentically and on brand. There is no filing cabinet; the stories are on the H2H Social desk 24/7/365.”

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