2018 Facebook Algorithm Change: The Facts

Marketing publishers are claiming “armageddon!” as Facebook rolls out another change to its already brand-limited algorithm.

It is no secret that brands have started to explore other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest due to Facebook’s algorithm alterations over the last five years. However, Facebook is still the largest social platform in the world. So, let’s remember that these other platforms will likely follow in its footsteps [at some point].

If you’re late to the party, here’s the deal: pre-algorithm changes (circa 2013-2014, roughly) users saw brand page posts like any other user, chronologically and with full reach to whoever was following that page. In ‘13-’14ish, Facebook announced that they would be cutting brand page reach below 3%; meaning, when a brand posts on their page, 3% or less of their followers see it. Now, Facebook is saying they will decrease brand page reach even more, leaving a lot of brands and publishers wondering “what do we do now?”

That’s where we come in!

First of all, breathe! Decreased organic reach on Facebook is not a surprise, and with the saturation of the platform (much like traditional search options like Google), did they really have a choice?

Here are the facts and some tips to go along with them, if you’re brand wants to survive what we’re going to call “the algo-pocalypse.”

Fact: Post reach is small.

Solution: Chase quality, not quantity! Analyze the content that generates the most user engagement, and start making more of that! If you don’t have the budget for Facebook Ads, don’t focus on who you can’t get to, focus on who you can.

Fact: Visuals and comments matter most.

Solution: Piggy-backing on the previous solution, strive to create visually stimulating content that draws comments more than any other form of engagement.

Fact: Social media is human.

Solution: Remembering this fact will drive more authentic, transparent content. Forget the corporate cookie-cutter stuff. Your followers want to see the raw story behind the mumbo-jumbo sales pitches. So, one post at a time, tell them!

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