A note from H2H Social founder, Rachel Jolley:

Rather than writing in third-person [like the creator of this business is not the one producing the content], allow me to reintroduce myself; my name is Rachel Jolley, and I created H2H Social because I saw a genuine need for something that didn’t exist in my community, here in downtown St. Petersburg, FL.

What exactly is that “something?”

H2H Social is a social-centric marketing company, built on the priority of connecting humans to humans, rather than exercising traditional Internet marketing tactics. I focus on efforts that will create a lasting bond between brands and their audience, rather than campaigns that are centered around meaningless sales pitches.

After all, human to human marketing is synonymous with a heart to heart conversation; because when a brand has the ability to touch a consumer’s heart, the sky is the limit.

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So, who wants to grab a coffee and talk social?

Talk to me: Hello@H2H.social